Saturday, October 29, 2005
I know, I know... I haven't written here for a long time. I am currently on a week off from the program and I had to hustle to get off the campus and find somewhere to stay. Once again, the campus was rented out to another group so I wasn't allowed to stay there Monday night. I have taken refuge once again at Mulder's place, as he was kind enough to offer me a place to stay.

Crazy things have been happening around here. Another suicide bomber took 5 lives three days ago in the town of Hadera, in northern Israel. I don't think I need to explain how that makes me feel. The terror group Islamic Jihad pledges more to come (but what else is new?). Then the president of Iran called for the destruction of Israel, stating that it needs to be wiped off the map. *yawn* Heard it before, though I hope the world now sees what Israel is up against. My mother completely freaked out when she heard the news about this but I told her that they have been saying that for 57 years or so... this is nothing new. I do, however, find it disturbing how public the statement was. That kind of fearlessness (or stupidty?) has a way of inciting people, and that's something Israel could do without.

So with all this and the fallout of bad circumstances at the Livnot program I am in I needed to just take a few days to step back and regroup. There's lots I wish I could say at this point but I simply can't with the Livnot staff reading this blog. In due time I will talk about my feelings and plans.

In the meantime I hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend. I'll be back in Jerusalem Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. All going well I will be meeting John for coffee! Anyone care to join? Rinat? Yael? come on... head up to Jerusalem after work. *wink*